Therapy is So Much More Than Talk

group of women in a nia exercise class

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Once you’ve gotten honest about a problem in your life, a next step may be to explore the issue in therapy.


The word itself conjures up many pre-conceived notions. You may imagine lying on a couch, with a therapist sitting behind you and taking notes as you speak.

The truth is there are a multitude of approaches to therapy, some of which don’t rely much on talk at all!

  • Music therapy, art therapy, dance therapy, drama therapy, and play therapy let you express yourself creatively while working through different issues in your life.
  • Writing about your feelings can help you process them (you can’t lie to your journal!), and share them with others.
  • Reading, studying, and discussing poems, stories, song lyrics, and books can be a powerful healing experience.
  • Meeting in groups of people who have similar challenges, with or without your family, is a powerful way to listen and support others, as well as share your own thoughts.

If you’ve hesitated to start therapy because you don’t like the idea of talking to someone for 45 minutes, consider one of the many other alternatives. Healing awaits!

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