Nourish Your Soul

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No matter where you are in your journey to recovery, you can always be getting healthier in small, simple ways. We recommend a variety of tools to our clients. We find it important to use as many modalities as needed, since each client can benefit from a unique combination of these complementary approaches.

Of all the tools we recommend to clients, certain ones stand out. We recently put together our favorites in a workshop series for our Winter Park and Clearwater locations. Workshops are a great setting for people who like to discuss what they’re learning, not just listen and/or take notes. They can integrate the lessons into their being even more that way.

Here are some of my most-recommended ways to nourish your soul:

  • Reading. We have a vast collection of books we can recommend on virtually every subject to do with recovery from an eating disorder and body image issues.
  • Writing. I’ve seen the power of writing in my own life and in the lives of many clients. I often recommend workbooks, but you can use a blank journal to take notes on any book by simply reflecting on what you’re reading. Most people who come to me have never written in a journal before, so having a place to start is really helpful. You can log your food, or even better you can track your food and your emotions. Writing done what you’re grateful for is a wonderful way to shift any negative thinking or bring a more spiritual focus
  • Mindfulness. There are plenty of opportunities in your day to apply mindfulness and get yourself back into the present moment without judgment, including mindful eating. We also help our clients learn to practice mindfulness in relationships. This is important because a lot of times people will abuse foods or other substances or behaviors because of some problem in a relationship. It’s one of the topics that we see most often weaving through someone’s recovery journey.
  • Groups. It’s valuable to spend time one-on-one with a counselor, however sometimes group work can really enhance the effectiveness of that work. It’s a chance for people to be with other people who are in a similar place with problem eating or body image, or who are having trouble identifying the obstacles that are keeping them from living the healthy life they want to.
  • Yoga. There are several different types of yoga that can support recovery from eating disorders and body image issues. And there just as many ways to take yoga “off the mat” by applying yoga principles to your whole life. When you practice kindness towards yourself and others, it helps you feel better about yourself so you don’t have to hurt yourself with food.
  • Expressive arts. Therapy is about so much more than talk. Music therapy, art therapy, dance therapy, drama therapy, and play therapy let you express yourself creatively while working through different issues in your life. SoulCollage® is another creative tool for self-discovery. These artistic pursuits don’t need to happen in a therapist’s office. They may be prescribed by your therapist, but you can find programs in your local community center, library, or other settings.

How will you nourish your soul today?

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