From Triggers to Tools in 10 Weeks #4 – Seeing Food Everywhere

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The trigger: Seeing food everywhere

During the holiday season food is everywhere you look – and not just food, but specialty foods that carry extra emotional pull because we don’t see them as often.

People around you may be indulging more, at special functions during the work day, sample displays at the store, and parties for the various groups and communities you may be affiliated with.

You may be tasked with preparing extra food at this time of year, to host people at home, or bring along when you visit someone else. Even in your spare moments when you can relax for a few minutes, you’re bound to see TV ads for holiday food.

The tool: Detach

Instead of putting energy into resisting or avoiding holiday foods, try to lovingly detach. Just like you can detach from people who trigger strong emotions in you, you can detach from foods that do the same thing.

If you tend to restrict your food, you can use these food-related events to practice eating with others, and maybe even trying some new foods.

You can see food and people eating food without getting pulled in to reach for it yourself. Try to detach from the scene by seeing the food as colorful art that’s meant to be seen but not touched or eaten. It’s fine if others want to indulge, but it’s not the right choice for you.

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