From Triggers to Tools in 10 Weeks #2 – Being Without Your Regular Foods

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As the holidays approach, we’re taking a closer look at some of the most common things that trigger unhealthy or addictive behaviors with food and exercise. You can check this archive page for when we add more posts, or subscribe to receive them by email.

The trigger: Being without your regular foods

This may happen when you’re traveling, especially to another area or country where food customs are different and your typical foods aren’t available.

Think also back to the recent Florida hurricanes, California wildfires, and other natural disasters, where food and other essentials were scarce, and you’re displaced from your home and your regular tools and supplies.

Then there are cases where you have an upcoming medical test or procedure that requires fasting or a special diet.

The tools: Preparation and acceptance

For some things like travel, you can plan ahead and pack some foods you’ll need (always check entry restrictions if you’re going to a different country). You can contact your host or research the area to find out what’s available.

Of course as much as you prepare, things don’t always go as planned, and even your “Plan B” might not work. That’s why you also need to prepare emotionally and mentally.

Write in your journal and/or speak to a therapist or trusted friend about your food concerns, and how you can handle them. Cultivate the art of acceptance, both of the situation and of yourself.

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